Corey Farrell currently serves as the Chief Architect and Executive Director of Enterprise Architecture at Comcast. Corey is responsible for the architecture and delivery of new Comcast mobility products. As part of the role, he oversees Comcast’s mobile video architecture efforts for its innovation joint venture with Verizon Wireless, Time Warner, and Bright House Networks.

Prior to joining Comcast, Corey was a founding employee of Geneva Technology North America that was acquired by the  Convergys Corporation. At Convergys, Corey served as lead Senior Architect responsible for their billing, mediation, rating and customer care applications and was lead architect for implementations at AT&T, Brazil Telecom, AOL and a variety of other global telecommunication providers.

Corey studied at Virginia Tech where he majored in Management Information Systems with an emphasis on Decision Support Systems while also playing for their Division 1 soccer team. Corey actively participates in cable industry organizations and joint ventures including SCTE, Cablelabs and Canoe Ventures. He has authored several Comcast technology patents and maintains a video blog and twitter following on Enterprise Architecture, Social Media and Innovation best practices.


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